Membership fee

Membership fee information of the Hungarian Plastics Association (unchanged since 2014)

Ordinary Members: membership fee is calculated on the basis of the net turnover of the activity related to plastic(s) of the previous calendar year:

Net turnover (mHUF) Membership fee (HUF)
0-50 60.000
50-200 60.000 + 0,087%
200-500 190,000 + 0,03%
500-1.000 280.000 + 0,014%
1.000-7.000 350.000 + 0,01%
>7.000 max. 950.000

The given percentages refer to the value over to the limit.


Membership fee for Associate and Supporting members is (for new entry from 2020) HUF 300.000.-/year independently from their turnover (e.g. commercial companies).

For Managing Holding(s) – provided their affiliates are independent companies - Membership fee is HUF 360.000.-/year independently from their turnover.

Entities involved in professional education/training in plastic field (state owned university departments, secondary- (high-) or vocational schools, state owned research institutes (R&D&I) shall be supporting members by paying HUF 10.000.-/year.